DIY Spooky Halloween Mirror


DIY Spooky Halloween Mirror

– a small old looking frame (thrift store)
– an old book with creepy photos/images (thrift store)
– razor blade for scraping
-glossy black spray paint

1. Take the mirror apart.

2. Cut out the picture to fit the frame.

3. Scrape off the coating on the back of the mirror.

4. When scraping try not to scrape off too much. Less is more here. Check it as you go with the picture underneath.

5. See, it looks good here (click title link above for more pics.)If I was to do it again, I would scrape a lot less, trying not to scratch too much.

6. Tape the picture to the back of your mirror.

7. Spray your little frame with black spray paint. Then assemble it all together, and


There you have it! A spooky mirror that you’ll want to keep face down most of the time.

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