DIY Meditation Jar


DIY Meditation Jar (Recipe with glue on LEFT, recipe with glycerin on LOWER RIGHT, Keep Calm from here). Great gift – put a great label on it like,“Keep Calm and Sparkle” or “Keep Calm and Glitter On” for a stressed out person (children or grownups). Saw something almost identical on Tumblr and reblogged it here but wanted to know where it came from. The idea came from Still Life with Circles here for use with children. Her recipe has glycerin (used in all snowglobes) and liquid soap and is more snowglobe-like. Then Here We Are Together here modified the recipe and added glue:

“… mixed 1 tablespoon of pink glitter-glue with about 1 cup of hot water, then added pink food colouring and a tiny tub of glitter.
The glue makes the water so thick and gooey that the glitter just slowly and gently swirls around, it takes about 5 minutes for all the glitter to settle, perfect to gather your thoughts!”


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