Tie Dye Fun


Just in case you guys can’t read this (because this picture is kind of small and I couldn’t find one bigger) here is what it says:

Horizontal Stripes: Fold shirt horizontally, band vertically & dye.

Vertical Stripes: Fold shirt vertically, band horizontally & dye.

Polka Dots: Pinch & Band small bits (save one color for background). Dye background.

Spiral: Pinch, Twist, Band & Dye!

Donuts: Pinch & double band small bits. Dye knobs (both parts). Dye background.

Below that: Dyeing tips of knobs same color as background.

Bullseye: Pick up from middle. Band & dye.

Double Spiral: Fold shirt in half diagonally. Pinch center & twist. Band & dye.

Rainbow: Pinch & pick up from bottom of shirt. Begin banding just after shirts bottom hem (i think?). Dye.

via Weaving Major

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