Yummy Earmuffs


Burgundy, merlot and cabernet wine…their rich and mighty hues add great flavor to design.  Lanvin recently created yummy earmuffs in this of-the-moment shade.  Get inspired, stay warm, and feel good with a fuzzy fix!

To create your own: fold a piece of felt in half, which will be the base of the earmuff.  Trace and cut a circle leaving approximately 3 inches flat on the bottom fold.  The size of the circle can vary per person.  You will need two of these felt rounds.  When open flat, circles should be connected in the middle.  Apply small amounts of glue onto the outside of the felt, and begin wrapping around a fur or faux fur strand, gently holding it in place until set.  Continue to glue and coil inward until you reach the center. When completely covered, trim excess fur.  Attach each muff by sandwiching them outside of a headband, gluing insides of felt together.  

P.S.  We’re also over-the-moon for these fox fur headphones from Beats by Oscar de la Renta…check them out! 

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