Motorola Atrix 4G

At first I was hesitant about trying a smartphone, and sure enough, I had gone over the data in the first week. I’m lucky that our AT&T Customer service is really quite helpful. Back to the phone, it’s the perfect size and weight. I was expecting it to be much heavier, but even with the addition of an OtterBox, it fits perfectly in my hand and is still light. The touch screen isn’t overly sensitive as I’ve seen in some other phones, which is great except for when you’re wearing gloves or have long fingernails. There are so many free apps on the Android market that you can pretty much find whatever you want for free or cheap.

One great preloaded app is a combination word processor, powerpoint,and spreadsheet creator called QuickOffice. I haven’t yet figured out how to work the speech to text aspect of this phone well enough to use it to create accurate writing, but with some possible training, I think this feature will be a great homework helper! The audio and video on the phone is also really good, but the camera shutter speed is incredibly slow. It took me a little while to figure out how to merge all my contacts in the way I wanted, and sometimes the battery life of the phone seems frustratingly short. I think there needs to be an app to monitor data usage that comes with the phone, some sort of icon that shows up when your data plan is being used instead of wifi or being off. Not sure if this is a thing that already exists, but I certainly know I want it.

Overall I give the Motorola Atrix 4G a 8/10, the battery life is a definite drawback but the pros totally outweigh the cons in this one. The OtterBox is incredibly handy, I feel like my phone is really safe, even without the more bulky hard shell. It has been through rain and dropped countless times, but both the phone and the Otterbox keep right on going.



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